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The PLATER Work Values & Personality Clarification Home Edition is an essential tool for counsellors towards understanding their clients’ values and personality profiles in support of their career pathway and lifestyle. In the 21st century work setting, counsellors must be able to accurately assess job seekers’ work values and personality profiles so as to ensure optimizing their career potential and lifestyle. This software automatically generates a final report upon which counsellors are able to prepare clients in understanding their work values and personality.



  • Simplify parents quest to understand their children job and career interest
  • Essential for parental planning about educational and career pathway for their children
  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Simple charts for easy interpretation
  • Immediate results and final reports that is printable and recorded in the computer
User Friendly Interface
Fast and Fun to Use
  72 Items Questionnaire
Easy to answer
  Instant Calculation
Accurate Score values
Accurate Score Calculation
User Work Values SubScales Matrix
  Reporting  Brief and Precise
Easy to Interpret
Multiple User and Randomisable
72 items Questionnaire
“an essential support tool for counsellors towards planning potential job seekers about their work values and personality”
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